I’m Chiara Amisola, I go by the alias Chiaski and the nickname Chia.

Empathy drives my soul.

I love creation — writing, code. No matter what, you will probably find me staving the demise of the world by writing bad things. (I wish, more often.) Asides, I do a lot of things and excel in none of them in particular. I have shallow dreams that involve wanting to change the world, and I just want to be a part of this. It’s so hard to write this because I keep coming back to it every few months and cringing.

I transcend into a new form every first of May. It’s an ugly, extremely painful transformative process that involves a sacrificial pact and the addition of multiple pints of angst and anxiety. Every six levels, I also get another level added to my ultimate. Truthfully, I have no idea where I am going but I do know that I want to get into computer science (if my abysmal math skills allow for it), and will master the art of being pure at heart — a godsend, god complex girl on the brink of being your average apathetic polymath.

I like words, worldbuilding, light, destroying ideas and perspectives that inherently harm and attack people and their humanity, meaningful design, pretty maps, collecting stuffed toys, my body pillows, cereal, balancing my Computer Science major by filling the rest of my schedule with art and political science classes, coming-of-age films (current favorites: Palo Alto, Submarine, Tree of Life), my Spotify playlists, Naruto and some other things. (I wish I was more interesting, too.)

I went to Catholic private school in the Philippines, which means I’m atheist.

The world is my reason for living beyond it all; we are capable of so much more. I hope to help people actualize it, too — through empathy in media, computation, and in world-changing innovation.
I hope you can believe in the world, too.

This blog is a collection of my thoughts, and this site as a whole is a delve into my heart.
It began in January, 2016.