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(code! games! art! videos! design!) reflections and depictions of things that i have made, or am trying to make ?

Exploring universes in house

Out of an internet game sphere spun by half-hearted creators and an environment that just tried to pump out as many attention grabbers as it could… I still can put myself in my seat, hovering over the Newgrounds game loader to prepare maybe a 8mb game that would take me half an hour to wait and play––if I didn’t have to stop and refresh it somewhere along the way. But I also remember the first time I actually saw games as more than just entertainment. Like many others, I loved Cookie Clicker when it first exploded in popularity around 2013. Orteil is one of those developers who hold an instantaneously classic, refined style that just sticks with you; and this holds especially true for a game that kept me up for days: Nested. … housea universe explorer Play on itch.ioPlay on my website … For my final in my Sound Art class, we were prompted to respond and craft a world that reflects this new, uneasy state of quarantine around us. In the middle of …

IF: Gay girl prays for a gun

Gay girl prays for a gun is an interactive fiction piece mainly about religion and sexuality. I like to think about it as a collection of poems and anecdotes. Play game (direct link)Play on This has been a work in progress for a while, but we’re at a few thousand words and at a state of branching that I think is interesting. Try it out. For more interactive fiction pieces, I’m storing most public works on my Github: