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––February 14

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  • Hating things is underrated. Learning to react, exist, and glorify in extremes makes me all the more impassioned. I have never loved as much as when I knew that I was allowed to hate.
  • Growing older and more detached from all the people I used to know…
  • For someone pushing the word of creation, I am clearly unkind to myself and far from a believer that self-love is the most radical act of creation.

2021 Readings

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Last updated: February 23, 2021

Currently Reading


  • Mga Kagila-Gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran: Mga Tulang Nahalungkat sa Bukbuking Baul, Jose F. Lacaba


  • The Politics of Design, Ruben Pater
  • Making Design Theory, Johan Redstrom
  • Design Dedication: Adaptive Mentalities in Design Education


  • Homestuck (I actually never finished this and stopped when Eridan Ampora was introduced </3)
  • The Collected Stories of Jose Garcia Villa, Jonathan Chua
  • A pig was once killed in our garage, Martin Villanueva


  • Organization Development Practice in the Philippines, Edna P. Franco, Mendiola Teng-Calleja, Ma. Regina M. Hechanova

Finished Reading


  • Design as an Attitude, Alice Rawsthorn
  • Design is a Job, Mike Monteiro
  • Are We Human? Notes on an Archaeology of Design, Beatriz Colomina & Mark Wigley
  • The Shape of Design, Frank Chimero
  • Radical Technologies, Adam Greenfield (picked up from class)
  • Designs for the Pluriverse, Arturo Escobar
  • Speculative Everything, Fiona Raby & Anthony Dunne
  • Against Creativity, Oli Mould



If I end up writing about the things I’ve read I’ll make it a habit to update this and link it to the related post. πŸ™‚ Also, please please send me recommendations!

I used to never track the stuff I read. Trying to change that this year!
I still mostly read articles or whatever digital longform I can get (not enough space for books at the moment, and are hard to get a hold of).
I try to track these types of reads on

Test Stream

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Trying something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Streamed Genshin Impact dailies today, not even my core group of friends follows yet (RIP).

  • Maybe I can just stream whenever I play videogames… mostly compelled by how I consistently play Genshin Impact. To put an angle to it, Genshin Impact (especially when doing abyss runs) with a lore-focused approach to discussion – I am making my first fansite in over a decade dedicated to its lore, after all. Communities that revolve around something new, like a podcast and constant story in a stream of consciousness form.
  • Indie games! I play a lot of them and would like to record my runs and share them with people. I always recommend games that many people have never heard of, and have humble bundles and libraries to sift through and enjoy. Finishing stuff in a sitting is great for me.
    I want to rerun Papers, Please and Stephen’s Sausage Roll (among many others), go through the Sokpop collection.
  • My Dwarf Fortress world… (this one I’m afraid of actually being too stupid to stream for)
  • The PvE Minecraft server I run with friends and the banter that ensues. πŸ™‚
  • Design streams with my personal side project and experimental work, and some productivity/educational work streams with Developh (Science & Technology, hello) –– we’re planning on creating some sort of streamer network to encourage creativity, connection, etc.; potentially discuss trends as we write and prepare projects and resources.

Is there anything you want me to stream?